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"Smile Action" CAMPAIGN

Introducing areas that have agreed with the purpose of the campaign in various parts of the country.

​Light-up events nationwide have been decided!

List of light-ups nationwide


9/9 Hokkaido: Sapporo TV Tower

9/9 Tokyo: Tokyo Skytree®
Undecided Saitama: Saitama Super Arena

9/9 Kyoto: Toji Temple (Kyooh Gokokuji Temple)
9/9 Hiroshima: Hiroshima Castle

9/9, 10 Aichi: Chubu Electric Power MIRAI TOWER

9 / 1-9 / 9 Miyagi: Sendai Sky Candle

9/12 Niigata: Niigata Daily Media Ship

9 / 17-23 Kanagawa: Enoshima Sea Candle (Observation Lighthouse)
9 / 6-15 Kanagawa: Hiratsuka Station South Exit Square Mermaid Fountain Park
9/18 Kanagawa: Odawara Castle

9/9 Saga: Saga Medical Center Building Fukuoka: Hakata Port Tower
9/9 ~ 11
  Fukuoka: Kokura Castle
9/9, 30 Kagoshima: Kagoshima Chuo Station Ferris Wheel "Amulan"
9/30 Nagasaki: 3 towers of Inasayama summit radio tower undecided Fukuoka: Fukuoka City Red Brick Culture Museum
(former Nippon Life Insurance Company, Kyushu Branch)

* The start time and performance content may change at the request of the national and local governments. Please note.


Find "Gold", a childhood cancer support color, and post it on Twitter with "#GGSC #Childhood Cancer" or "#Gold September #Childhood Cancer"!
10 people will be selected by lottery from those who posted, and will be presented with childhood cancer support goods ♪

[Campaign overview]
During the global childhood cancer support campaign "Global Gold September Campaign" starting September 1, 2021, "# GGSC" (reading: hashtag GGSC) or "# Gold September" will be "# Childhood Cancer" Find the gold-shining things (photos of wearing gold, photos of gold buildings and goods) that are close to you and post them on twitter!
From the people who posted, 10 people will be given a childhood cancer support goods by lottery.

[Campaign period]
September 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021

[Participation conditions]
Anyone who agrees to help children with childhood cancer and follows JCCG's official Twitter account is welcome!

[Present contents]
By lottery, 10 people will be presented with childhood cancer support goods or gold ribbon badges that are on sale for a limited time at Tree Village in Tokyo Skytree.




(Mini towel)


(Urethane mask)



* Winners will be notified of the winning results by DM (direct message) from JCCG's official Twitter account.

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