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This campaign is supported by many companies. We would like to thank the companies who support the future of children.



Since its founding in 1902, Dai-ichi Life has provided peace of mind through its life insurance business.


Now that we are 100 years old and the values of each person are diversifying, we should be able to do more.

It goes beyond the framework of life insurance, aiming to realize happiness that is different for each person, and to be closer than ever to enrich the daily lives and lives of our customers.

That is why, for the happiness of each and every one of us, we not only continue to refine the "guarantee" that we have provided as an insurance company, but also "asset formation / succession", "health / medical care", and even people to people. We will contribute to improving the QOL of our customers through new "connections and bonds" with local communities and society.


As an example, with the rapid aging of the population and the challenge of extending healthy life expectancy, the National Cerebral and Circulation started in 2012 with the National Cancer Center in order to provide customers with accurate and up-to-date medical information. We collaborate with the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, National Center for Child Health and Development, National Center for Child Health and Development, and National Center for Highly Specialized Medical Research, which is the highest in Japan.

In particular, in collaboration with the National Center for Child Health and Development, we have worked with prefectural governments on themes such as preventing accidental accidents in children and promoting understanding of developmental disorders and dyslexia (symptoms with difficulty limited to reading and writing letters). We hold enlightenment seminars co-sponsored and carry out activities rooted in the community by having the hospital director and other doctors and lecturers give lectures directly. In addition, we create a cancer awareness leaf for each of the 47 prefectures every year to introduce regional pediatric cancer cooperation base hospitals.

In addition, with the theme of urgent issues such as child stress, we are disseminating information in collaboration with the National Center for Child Health and Development "Corona x Children's Headquarters".

We not only contribute to the development of children who will lead the next generation, but also support everything that supports children, such as adults, society and the natural environment, and a sustainable society with all generations and regions. I would like to contribute to the development of. We aim to create and develop a next-generation society in which the Group and the region are prosperous together by grasping the issues of each region and making the best use of our resources to contribute to the local community.

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As the first insurance company in Japan to deliver cancer insurance, Aflac is engaged in various social contribution activities to fight cancer and support many people who face cancer.


As one of Aflac's support for childhood cancer, there is the " Aflac Childhood Cancer Experienced / Cancer Orphans Scholarship Program ". This is a non-refundable scholarship system for high school students who have experienced childhood cancer and high school students who have died of cancer from their parents, and a monthly fee of 20,000 yen is paid until graduation from high school.

So far, we have supported more than 3,000 students, and the total amount of scholarships has exceeded 1.9 billion yen.


This scholarship system is operated by donations from all of you.

You can donate to this activity through the Yahoo! Internet donation linked below.

Please send us your warm feelings.

Donate to Aflac Childhood Cancer Experienced / Cancer Orphan Scholarship Program



※Order of the Japanese syllabary

■ Title sponsorship

■ Special sponsorship

■ Sponsor

■ Special cooperation

■ Cooperating organizations

■ Sponsor

■ Sponsorship


■ Special sponsorship


■ Sponsorship

Kyoto Buddhist Church Heartlink Mutual Aid Specified Nonprofit Corporation Puku Puku Barun Co., Ltd. Murakami Farm

■ Cooperating organizations

Global Gold September Campaign Promotion Committee

Japan Pediatric Cancer Research Group, a specified non-profit organization

General Incorporated Association Empower Children 

Children's Cancer Association of Cancer 

Certified NPO Gold Ribbon Network 

General Incorporated Association Lemonade Stand Promotion Association

Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd.

Certified NPO corporation Cancer Net Japan (CNJ)


Asahi-kun Hikari Project 

Shonan Bellmare

Fidelity Investments Co., Ltd.  


Certified NPO corporation Nikosuma Kyushu

■ Light-up cooperation
Saitama Super Arena Co., Ltd. Sapporo TV Tower
JR Kagoshima City Co., Ltd. Sendai Television Incorporated
Niigata Nippo Co., Ltd.
Kitakyushu City Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Saga Prefecture Health Promotion Foundation
Chubu Electric Power MIRAI TOWER
Toji Temple (Kyooh Gokokuji Temple)
Tobu Tower Sky Tree Co., Ltd. Nagasaki City
Hiroshima city
Fukuoka City

■ Special cooperation


■ Sponsor


■ Sponsorship
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Hiroshima City Hiroshima Prefecture

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