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​About the World Childhood Cancer Support Campaign

Children with cancer and their families

It started with a strong feeling

Promoted worldwide by the International Society for Childhood Cancer, a global pediatric cancer society"Gold September Campaign". Every September, supporters of childhood cancer, including governments and international organizations, announce their support for children with childhood cancer.

Various charity events are being held at the same time, expressing support by lighting up famous places and symbols around the world in gold and raising a gold ribbon.

In Japan, participated in the campaign for the first time from 2021.

Famous places and symbols from all over the country, centered on Tokyo Sky Tree

We will hold a campaign to make it gold color.

Gold Ribbon

The gold ribbon is the universal symbol of childhood cancer

Childhood cancer is an important issue that has been, is, and is medically and socially common throughout the world. Although childhood cancer is not a common disease, it is the leading cause of death in children, affecting 1 in 430 by the 15th birthday and 1 in 320 by the 19th birthday.

There are many challenges, such as the development of treatments to save lives that cannot be saved yet, and the establishment of a support system that allows children who have completed treatments to spend their long-term health with peace of mind. On the other hand, it is not as well-educated as adult cancer and lacks support.

In addition, due to the influence of COVID-19, hospitals have no choice but to prohibit visits and restrict attendance, and children with childhood cancer and their families feel very lonely and inconvenient.

The "Gold Ribbon" is a universal symbol for raising awareness of childhood cancer. Gold is a precious metal and children are our most precious treasure. "Gold" has the meaning of "shining light" on children suffering from childhood cancer and the medical care, care and research they need.


About the campaign concept

"Smile Action"

Children with childhood cancer and their families

So that you can spend a bright future with a "smile"

With the thought

About childhood cancer

"Spread understanding" "learn"

We will carry out various activities.

Smile Action


The organizer of this campaign, the Japan Children's Cancer Group (JCCG), is an all-Japan clinical research group of pediatric cancer specialists nationwide. More than 200 facilities, including almost all university hospitals and pediatric hospitals that treat pediatric cancer in Japan, participate in research on the treatment of pediatric cancer patients.

Global cooperation is also essential for the treatment of childhood cancer, a rare cancer. Last year, the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) called on the Group to participate in the Global Gold September Campaign, an initiative to raise awareness of childhood cancer internationally. did.

Every September, the campaign lights up buildings, archaeological sites, bridges, natural assets, etc. that symbolize each region in gold to raise awareness of the importance of childhood cancer treatment and provide medical care necessary for children. It is an event that "illuminates" research. It started with the strong feelings of children with childhood cancer, their parents, and those who have experienced childhood cancer. Last September, the world's iconic buildings, such as the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada and the European Parliament in Brussels, are lit up in gold. JCCG has decided to hold this awareness campaign for the first time in Japan.


The "Awareness ribbon" color for childhood cancer is gold. We would like you to take this opportunity to know about the gold of childhood cancer, such as the breast cancer awareness color pink.

To hold this international campaign for the first time in Japan, "By lighting up the whole of Japan, we will remind you about childhood cancer and lead to support." "Japan is in solidarity with the world and international enlightenment. It has a great significance of "accelerating exercise".

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