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We received supportive comments from celebrities who supported the campaign.




Shonan Bellmare

Hello, this is Shonan Bellmare.

Since the childhood cancer awareness campaign will start for the first time in Japan, I will participate in the comments.

At Shonan Bellmare, the late Shigetaka Hisamitsu, who belongs to the futsal team, is playing a central role in the "futsal ribbon activity" where he comforts the pediatric ward and holds futsal classes in the hospital. We will continue this activity to create a chain of smiles, where children who come into contact with professional futsal players smile, families who see the smiles, and nurses smile.

Let's participate in this Global Gold September Campaign and make children and families smile through soccer and futsal.

In addition, we will strive to inform as many people as possible about the activities of this campaign so that they will be aware of and interested in childhood cancer.

And I hope that a chain of smiles will be born.

During the campaign period, we are soliciting donations in various ways, so we would appreciate your support.


Shonan Bellmare


August 9 2021 Maestro Chung message to children for MCFC_page-0001.jpg

Myung Whun Chung

For children

By sharing the suffering at such a very difficult time when so many people around the world are suffering from the coronavirus.

We may be closer together.

I have been working in Japan for a long time, especially with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and I am very grateful for the wonderful qualities of the Japanese people.

In particular, I would like to send my love to the children and wish them good luck.

I believe that music helps to free the mind. I hope everyone can listen to and play this wonderful music.

We are looking forward to the day when we can share beautiful music together.

Myung Whun Chung

Kiyotaka Saito

Ikuyo Nakamichi

20210901仲道郁代 クレジット:Kiyotaka Saito_edited.jpg

I have a 6 month old dachshund in my house.

My name is Aimer.
At one point, it started to speak very good Japanese, so I was surprised.
"Why did you come to speak a language?"
Emme said, "I forgot to be a dog."
So that's it! When I thought, I woke up. Of course it was a dream.

From that day on, what do you want to talk about every time you see Aimer? I came to imagine.
Then, various things come to my mind and it is interesting.
It's my own interpretation, but I feel like I'm talking.

I play the piano, but I thought it was the same when I played the piano.
Imagine the words written by a composer. Then, I feel very rich and happy.
It makes me feel like I'm talking to someone I've never met.
The story doesn't hold in one way, so it's not just about listening to Aimer's feelings and the composer's feelings.
You can also listen to my feelings.

It's fun for me to do such things secretly within myself.
Please give it a try.
You can enjoy it quite a bit.

I want to cherish the "smile" that I have in my daily life.
The slogan of the childhood cancer awareness campaign that will start this time is "Smile Action".
Let's spread the circle of support together for a future full of smiles for children and families.

                                                                                                   Ikuyo Nakamichi

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